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Jim L. Townsend's Biography

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Jim L Townsend grew up in Memphis, TN, one of the most racially divided cities in America. At the age of 19, he migrated to Chicago, IL, in search of better job opportunities. However, what he found instead was a life of crime. The city of Chicago changed his mindset and turned him from a hard-working law-abiding citizen into a notorious drug dealer.

Despite facing many challenges and obstacles, including childhood trauma and two failed marriages, Jim's life hit rock bottom when he was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison on a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for nonviolent drug conspiracy crime.

In his autobiography "Snakes in the Garden," Jim is transparent about his life journey, including the no-holds-barred approach he takes in telling the truth about his ex-wife and partner in crime, Marjorie Harvey, the present wife of comedian Steve Harvey. Through his story, Jim hopes to inspire and encourage others to overcome their own challenges and pursue their dreams, avoiding the path that led him to a life of crime.

Join Jim on his journey and gain insight into the lessons he learned along the way. "Snakes in the Garden" is a powerful memoir that will leave readers with a deeper understanding of the human experience and the importance of making the right choices in life.

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